What is the Highest Paid Vet?

What is the Highest Paid Vet? Becoming a veterinarian is an exciting path to pursue. The job is very satisfying as you help animals get and stay healthy, but salaries can also be decent. There is nothing like getting highly paid for doing something you love. A veterinarian is a respected member of the community. So, What vet is paid the most? Many depend on a veterinarian to care for their pets or other animals.

Average Veterinarian Salaries with Board Certification

A board-certified vet earns more at the top end of the spectrum of all the top salaries veterinarians earn. Board certification includes graduating from veterinary school and studying for several more years. The vet needs to complete residencies and does internships under top specialists. Salaries for a board-certified veterinarian usually top $200,000 per year. This information can be found on the American Veterinary Medical Association website.

Veterinary Median Salaries

The median salary of a veterinarian is nothing to complain about. After graduating from veterinary school, you can expect to make around $91,000 to $93,000 a year. The overall range of around $73,000 to a top of $122,000 is common. What state you practice in will significantly affect your earning potential per year. The best jobs become available in some states, which can be found in Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Top Specialties for Veterinarians

After getting board certification and diplomate status in one specialty, you will be well compensated for your specialty area. A residency must be completed under the supervision of a specialist in the field. Some of the top paying specialties veterinarian salaries are around:

  • Ophthalmology ($215.000)
  • Nutrition ($202,000)
  • Surgery ($183,000)
  • Lab Animal Medicine ($169,000)
  • Pathology ($157,000)
  • Internal Medicine ($127,000)
  • Radiology ($121,000)

Of course, it is a big commitment, both educationally and financially, to pursue a career as a veterinarian. Some may want to start slowly after graduating from veterinary school and decide to work under a board-certified vet who owns his practice. This can be an excellent way to get some experience and see if you want to commit to more education and a training program.

Veterinary Contract Negotiations

Veterinarian contracts are a pervasive and obligatory part of every job search for veterinarians. Well-drafted veterinarian contracts help to enumerate the responsibilities of the involved parties, divide liabilities, protect legal rights, and ensure future relationship statuses. These touchstones are even more crucial when applying their roles to the case of a veterinarian employed by a veterinary hospital, corporate-owned group, or private veterinary practice.

While veterinarian contract drafting and negotiation can be long and arduous, searching for quality legal representation is a must to ensure that your rights are protected before you start your new job and sign a new veterinary contract.  The present-day conclusion is simple: Veterinarians should not sign a veterinarian contract without having the agreement reviewed by legal counsel.  For instance, concerns include license defense, veterinarian board policies, employee salary increases, attorneys fees, salary negotiations upon expiration of the associate agreement, AVMA fees, etc.

States with Jobs for Veterinarian Employees

Veterinarians face many risks when they take veterinary contract matters into their own hands. Veterinary contract terms are highly negotiable and have a significant impact not only on professional life but also on lifestyle, family, and the future.  There are many crucial veterinary contract terms and clauses that can present new complex and diverse issues for any vet, including:

  • Unfavorable call schedules (lack of adequate sleep)
  • No assistance in license defense
  • Small Production Bonuses
  • Lack of Benefits
  • Not enough paid-time-off
  • Not enough vacation time
  • Unfair Non-Compete
  • Inadequate professional liability coverage
  • Not enough staff support that causes anxiety

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