Best Scrubs for Veterinarians: 2023’s 4 TOP Picks

best scrubs for Veterinarians

Best Scrubs for Veterinarians: 2023’s 4 TOP Picks

Veterinary professionals face unique challenges in their daily work, making the choice of scrubs more than just a matter of personal style. The right set of scrubs is a critical tool in a veterinarian’s arsenal, offering comfort during long shifts and ensuring hygiene in various clinical scenarios. From dealing with energetic puppies to performing surgeries, veterinarians need scrubs that are both functional and durable.

In 2023, the options for veterinary scrubs have expanded, offering a blend of style, comfort, and practicality. This article aims to guide veterinarians through the myriad of choices available, highlighting the top picks that combine quality, functionality, and fashion. We’ll explore the essential features that set apart the best scrubs for veterinarians, ensuring that your investment enhances your professional life.

What to Look for in Veterinary Scrubs

Selecting the right scrubs for veterinary practice involves considering several key factors:

  • Fabric Blend: The fabric’s composition significantly impacts its durability, comfort, and care requirements. A blend of natural and synthetic fibers often provides the best of both worlds – comfort from natural fibers like cotton and durability from synthetics like polyester. For instance, a mix of cotton and polyester offers breathability and strength, making it ideal for the demanding environment of veterinary practice. Explore options like Allheart Veterinary Scrubs, which offer a variety of fabric blends tailored to veterinary needs.
  • Fabric Treatment: Advanced fabric treatments can enhance the functionality of scrubs, making them more suited for veterinary settings. Treatments for water repellency, stain resistance, and antimicrobial properties are particularly beneficial. These treatments help maintain hygiene, extend the life of the scrubs, and ensure veterinarians can focus on their patients without worrying about their attire. Brands like FIGS Veterinary Scrubs often incorporate such treatments in their fabric.
  • Fit and Size Range: Comfort is key in a profession that involves a lot of movement. Scrubs should offer a good fit without restricting movement. They should cater to all body types, with options for petite, regular, and tall sizes. Additionally, the choice between a more fitted style or a relaxed fit should be available to accommodate personal preferences and workplace requirements.
  • Functional Features: Practical features like ample pocket space, badge holders, and side vents for breathability are essential for a veterinarian’s active role. These features not only add to the functionality but also enhance the efficiency of veterinarians during their work.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While functionality is paramount, the aesthetic appeal of scrubs shouldn’t be overlooked. Veterinarians often prefer scrubs that are professional yet reflect their personal style. The availability of various colors and patterns allows veterinarians to adhere to workplace norms while expressing individuality. Brands like Airmed Scrubs offer a range of stylish and professional options.
  • Durability and Ease of Care: Given the nature of veterinary work, scrubs should be durable enough to withstand frequent washing and resist wear and tear. Easy-care fabrics that can be machine washed and require minimal ironing are ideal for busy professionals.

In conclusion, the best scrubs for veterinarians are those that balance functionality with comfort and style. By considering these factors, veterinarians can find scrubs that not only meet the demands of their profession but also provide a sense of confidence and professionalism in their daily work.

Color and Style Options

The color and style of veterinary scrubs go beyond mere aesthetics; they reflect a veterinarian’s professionalism and personal taste while adhering to workplace standards. In 2023, the range of colors and styles available in veterinary scrubs is more diverse than ever, catering to a wide array of preferences and requirements.

Color Choices: The color of scrubs can significantly impact the perception of professionalism in a veterinary clinic. While some clinics prefer traditional colors like blue or green for their calming effect, others might opt for brighter hues to create a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The choice of color can also be influenced by practical considerations; darker colors, for instance, are better at concealing stains, which is a common concern in veterinary practice.

Prints and Patterns: Animal-themed prints or fun patterns can add a touch of personality to a veterinarian’s attire, making interactions with clients and their pets more engaging. However, it’s important to balance personal expression with professional appropriateness.

Style Variations: The style of scrubs has evolved significantly, offering options that range from classic cuts to modern, form-fitting designs. Some veterinarians prefer the traditional, loose-fitting scrubs for comfort and ease of movement, while others might choose more tailored options for a sleeker look.

Innovative Designs: Newer designs incorporate features like elastic waistbands, stretch panels, and reinforced seams, enhancing both comfort and durability. These design innovations cater to the dynamic nature of veterinary work, where ease of movement is crucial.

Overview of Top 4 Picks

In 2023, four particular brands of scrubs stand out for veterinarians, each offering unique features that cater to the specific needs of veterinary professionals.

1. Cherokee Workwear Originals: Renowned for their durability and practicality, Cherokee Workwear Originals are a staple in veterinary clinics. They offer a classic fit with ample pocket space, making them ideal for veterinarians who need functionality coupled with comfort.

2. Skechers by Barco Uniforms: Known for their modern and stylish designs, Skechers by Barco Uniforms bring a contemporary edge to veterinary scrubs. Their scrubs are designed with a focus on comfort, mirroring the brand’s reputation in footwear, and are perfect for veterinarians who want a blend of style and practicality.

3. Four Stretch by WonderWink: As the name suggests, these scrubs are designed for maximum mobility, featuring a four-way stretch fabric that moves with the wearer. They are particularly suited for veterinarians who require flexibility and comfort in their fast-paced work environment.

4. koi Lite: koi Lite scrubs are celebrated for their fashionable designs and vibrant colors. They offer a range of sizes and styles, catering to veterinarians who don’t want to compromise on style while ensuring functionality.

Each of these brands has been selected for their ability to meet the demanding needs of veterinary professionals, offering a combination of durability, comfort, and style. Whether it’s the practicality of Cherokee Workwear, the contemporary style of Skechers, the mobility of WonderWink, or the fashion-forward designs of koi Lite, these top picks for 2023 ensure that veterinarians are well-equipped to handle the challenges of their profession with confidence and ease.

Detailed Review

Detailed Review of Top Pick #1

Cherokee Workwear Originals have established themselves as a go-to choice for veterinarians seeking both durability and practicality. These scrubs are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and functionality, making them an ideal choice for the demanding environment of veterinary medicine.

  • Fabric Quality: The scrubs are crafted from a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, striking a perfect balance between comfort and durability. This fabric blend ensures that the scrubs are soft to the touch yet resilient enough to withstand frequent washing and the rigors of daily veterinary activities.
  • Design and Features: Cherokee Workwear Originals are designed with a focus on practicality. They feature multiple pockets, which are essential for veterinarians to carry tools and essentials. The soil release technology incorporated into the fabric is a significant advantage, helping to keep the scrubs clean and professional-looking throughout the day.

The fit of these scrubs is another highlight, offering a relaxed yet professional look. They are available in both a missy relaxed fit for women and a looser unisex style, catering to a wide range of body types. This versatility in fit ensures that every veterinarian can find a comfortable and flattering option.

In terms of longevity, Cherokee Workwear Originals stand out. Their ability to maintain color and shape even after repeated washes makes them a cost-effective choice for veterinary professionals. The scrubs’ durability means they can withstand the physical demands of veterinary work, from bending and stretching to handling animals of various sizes.

Detailed Review of Top Pick #2

Skechers by Barco Uniforms brings a fresh perspective to veterinary scrubs, combining the comfort the brand is known for with a modern, stylish design. These scrubs are particularly appealing to veterinarians who value a contemporary look without compromising on functionality.

  • Contemporary Style: The junior fit offered by Skechers by Barco Uniforms is tailored for a more contoured, fashionable look. This modern design aligns with current fashion trends, making these scrubs a popular choice among younger veterinarians or those seeking a more updated style.
  • Color Options: The scrubs are available in a variety of trendy colors, such as cherry pie and new turquoise. This range of colors allows veterinarians to express their personal style while maintaining a professional appearance.

The fabric used in Skechers by Barco Uniforms is noteworthy for its comfort. It mirrors the brand’s reputation in footwear, ensuring that veterinarians can move comfortably throughout their busy day. The fabric’s quality also contributes to the scrubs’ durability, an essential feature for veterinary professionals who face a range of physical activities daily.

Additionally, the scrubs’ features cater well to the veterinary field. They come equipped with necessary pockets and other functional details, ensuring that veterinarians have everything they need at their fingertips. The combination of style, comfort, and practicality makes Skechers by Barco Uniforms a top choice for veterinarians looking for scrubs that are both fashionable and functional.

In conclusion, both Cherokee Workwear Originals and Skechers by Barco Uniforms offer unique advantages for veterinarians. Cherokee Workwear focuses on durability and practicality, while Skechers by Barco brings a modern, stylish edge to veterinary scrubs. Both brands successfully meet the diverse needs of veterinary professionals, ensuring comfort, functionality, and style in their daily work.

Detailed Review of Top Pick #3 and #4

Four Stretch by WonderWink and koi Lite are two more brands that have made a significant impact in the world of veterinary scrubs. Each brings its unique features and styles, catering to the diverse needs of veterinary professionals.

Four Stretch by WonderWink:

  • Fabric and Mobility: The hallmark of Four Stretch scrubs is their four-way stretch polyester fabric. This material ensures maximum mobility, a crucial feature for veterinarians who are constantly on the move, bending, and stretching throughout their workday.
  • Design and Aesthetics: These scrubs come in a junior contoured fit, offering a style that is both flattering and versatile. The design includes shaping panels at the waist and sides, an angled yoke at the shoulders, and a stylized back yoke, all contributing to a modern and professional look.

The functionality of Four Stretch by WonderWink is further enhanced by their practical features. They come with a tagless neck for comfort, a locker loop for convenience, and reinforced pockets for durability. The combination of style, comfort, and functionality makes these scrubs a top choice for veterinarians who prioritize ease of movement and a contemporary look.

koi Lite:

  • Material and Comfort: koi Lite scrubs are known for their 100% polyester stretch dobby fabric, which offers a smooth and comfortable fit. This material choice is particularly beneficial for veterinarians, as it provides ease of movement and doesn’t chafe or pull during active work.
  • Size and Color Range: These scrubs stand out for their extensive size range, from XXS to 5XL, ensuring that every veterinarian can find their perfect fit. Additionally, koi Lite offers a variety of colors, including a tasteful ombre dye, allowing veterinarians to express their personal style while maintaining a professional appearance.

The design of koi Lite scrubs is focused on combining fashion with functionality. The junior fit is tailored yet comfortable, suitable for veterinarians who want to look stylish without sacrificing practicality. The scrubs’ features, such as multiple pockets and adjustable elements, add to their appeal, making them a versatile choice for the veterinary field.

In summary, Four Stretch by WonderWink and koi Lite both offer unique benefits to veterinarians. Four Stretch is ideal for those who need high mobility and a contemporary fit, while koi Lite appeals to those looking for a wide range of sizes and colors, coupled with a fashionable design. Both brands successfully address the key requirements of veterinary professionals, ensuring that their scrubs are not only functional but also contribute to a positive and professional work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Most Important Features in Veterinary Scrubs?

When selecting veterinary scrubs, the most important features include:

  • Durability: Given the demanding nature of veterinary work, scrubs should withstand frequent washing and physical activities.
  • Comfort: Look for breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs that allow for easy movement.
  • Practicality: Essential features like ample pockets, badge loops, and easy-care fabrics are crucial.
  • Hygiene: Fabric treatments for stain resistance and antimicrobial properties are beneficial in maintaining cleanliness.

How Do I Choose the Right Size and Fit for Veterinary Scrubs?

To choose the right size and fit:

  • Measure Yourself: Use a measuring tape to get accurate body measurements.
  • Check Size Charts: Refer to the brand’s size chart as sizes can vary between brands.
  • Consider Work Activities: Choose a fit that allows freedom of movement, considering the physical activities involved in veterinary work.
  • Try Them On: If possible, try on different sizes and styles to find the best fit.

Are There Specialized Scrubs for Different Veterinary Roles?

Yes, there are specialized scrubs for different veterinary roles:

  • Surgical Scrubs: Designed for sterile environments, often with antimicrobial properties.
  • General Practice Scrubs: More focused on comfort and practicality for everyday use.
  • Specialty Scrubs: Some scrubs are designed for specific veterinary fields, like emergency care or dentistry, with relevant features.

Can Veterinary Scrubs Be Fashionable and Professional?

Absolutely, veterinary scrubs can be both fashionable and professional:

  • Modern Designs: Many brands offer contemporary styles and fits that are both stylish and suitable for a professional setting.
  • Color and Patterns: A wide range of colors and patterns allows veterinarians to express their personal style while maintaining a professional appearance.

How Often Should Veterinary Scrubs Be Replaced?

The frequency of replacing veterinary scrubs depends on:

  • Usage: Daily wear and tear can shorten a scrub’s lifespan.
  • Care: Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of scrubs.
  • Quality: Higher quality scrubs tend to last longer.
  • Appearance: Scrubs should be replaced if they start to look worn out or no longer maintain a professional appearance.


In conclusion, the selection of the right veterinary scrubs is a critical decision for professionals in the field. The best scrubs for veterinarians in 2023, as highlighted in our top picks – Cherokee Workwear Originals, Skechers by Barco Uniforms, Four Stretch by WonderWink, and koi Lite – offer a blend of durability, comfort, and style. These brands have been carefully chosen for their ability to meet the demanding needs of veterinary work, ensuring that veterinarians can perform their duties with ease and confidence.

When choosing scrubs, veterinarians should consider factors like fabric quality, fit, practical features, and aesthetic appeal. The right scrubs not only facilitate the physical demands of veterinary work but also contribute to a professional and confident appearance. It’s also important to remember that scrubs should be replaced regularly to maintain hygiene and professionalism.

Veterinary scrubs have evolved significantly, offering more than just basic functionality. Today’s scrubs are a fusion of fashion and practicality, allowing veterinarians to express their personal style while adhering to the standards of their profession. As the veterinary field continues to grow and evolve, the importance of choosing the right scrubs cannot be overstated. They are an essential part of a veterinarian’s professional identity, impacting not only their comfort and performance but also the perception of their clients and colleagues.